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May 25, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Resource Directory

Helping people make one of their biggest investments is rewarding for Jeff Taylor, Diane Florita and Michael Redman, Loan Officers with Western Vista Financial Credit Union. They understand their customer’s concerns in a market of economic uncertainty. They don’t want their clients up all night worrying about whether or not there’ll be adequate inventory for them when they’re ready to buy a home in Wyoming.

At Western Vista Financial Credit Union, they’ll make sure you have a competitive edge and stable business plan, including time and organization management. Their clients always have confidence their partners will deliver a great experience.

All the loan officers enjoy helping their clients buy their new home and because they’re just as over the top as you – they attend closings so they can share that particular moment. They’re always available to answer those last minute questions.

Jeff shared examples of how they go above and beyond to help their clients.

“Helping a Realtor, that was not my referral partner, and his client buy a home when I was not the lender. I received a call very late in the transaction hoping to have it moved to me. After hearing the whole story from the agent and borrower, I realized it was better to coach them and the lender through getting the file approved and closed rather than trying to bring it to my company and risk further delays. In the end, we were able to close the transaction and both the agent and the homeowner have now been long term clients referring me other business.”
“Another example was an individual with three rental properties nearing retirement. He was hoping to have them paid off to provide him income. We did an excellent analysis of his properties and had him consult with his tax accountant and financial planner to ensure we positioned all of the debt to maximize his benefit. It was wonderful to come together as a team, and create a sound financial plan.”

For Michael, “We occasionally come across situations where it feels very desperate to the borrower. We can’t always get them into a home quickly. Sometimes the process can last from 6-12 months to a couple of years while we assist them through credit and financial repair. The continued connection with them throughout and watching the progress has a similar father/mother leading son/daughter feeling. It’s very rewarding.”

You’ll find the staff of Western Vista Financial Credit Union participating in community services too. The team supports several different things, including Jr Achievement, Chamber, MAC, Rotary, SEWBA, Board of Realtors, Boy Scouts, AFA, Old West Museum, Denim & Diamonds, CRMC Foundation, Fur Ball, Cheyenne Symphony, and Boys & Girls Club.
Jeff served on the affordable housing board, the community development block grant commission, the HOA boards, and serves on his church’s financial advisory board. He’s also a class coordinator for Financial Peace University.

Michael shared the exciting news of how Western Vista Credit Union was recently nominated by The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet for Large Business award. Michael credits the honor due to the number of employees that serve on a large number of community boards of directors and volunteer programs. “I have recently joined as a member of the Chambers Red Carpet Committee who welcomes and recognizes new businesses and those making changes to their businesses. I’m also active with HOPE: Hispanic Organization for Progress in Education as well as, Breast cancer awareness fundraisers.”

Jeff said he approaches his work more as a coach and consultant. “I enjoy when my client can make an excellent choice on their loan and purchase selection based on the conversations we’ve had. The best moments are learning about my clients, their hopes, and aspirations, along with being able to give good solid advice. I enjoy being at a closing and have the listing agent tell me what a great experience they had in the whole process.”

When asked if he had a magic wand, what would he do with it, Jeff responded.

“I would love to conjure up the perfect mix of a healthy growing market with Home Values and wages increasing along with adequate inventory. Consumer optimize, and good jobs tend to support good healthy growth in my industry. On a different level, I think being able to get the word out that we offer excellent advocacy counseling for our borrowers and that in buying or refinancing a home we want to provide a great experience that, while stressful at times, is something you would want to tell your friends. The other option for the marketing wand would be to turn everyone into a zombie and have them do business with us!”
“Western Vista Credit Union is a full-service credit union. We can provide some debt counseling and restructuring, to help people be financially fit. We also offer commercial loans and investment services which allow for a very holistic approach to people’s needs no matter their stage of life.”
You can find both Jeff and Michael with Western Vista in the Mortgage section on or by following this link
Michael and Jeff added, “We are excited that Wyoming has a dedicated Resource Directory for buyers and sellers. We encourage other businesses to become a part of it too.”