Purchasing Home Insurance can make your head hurt

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It’s recommended you shop local and that you bundle your insurance.

The process can be complicated. It’s not like buying shoes or a new shirt. Insurance means a promise of protection. How do you determine if you’re making the right choice? How do you know if you’re getting the best coverage for your money? The options are plentiful.


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Farmers is an American insurer group of automobiles, homes and small businesses and also provides other insurance and financial services products. Farmers Insurance has more than 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and approximately 22,000 employees.

Here are eight reasons why you should use a local company:

  • Local Knowledge – A benefit of using local, is they know the area. They’re residents and have lived in the area for years. They use their knowledge of the area to assist you. If certain areas of town are prone to flooding, they’ll know and recommend coverage. The company can offer seasonal tips. If you’re at risk of either trees falling or sewage backups, you’ll know. All helpful advice.
  • Customer Service – What’s better than calling your provider and having them pick up the phone? Imagine calling with a claim or a question and not hearing the automated message. With local service, you’re likely to speak with an actual person and the correct person each time.
  • Reputation – With anything you buy, reputation plays a critical role. Reputation means trust. Their years in service will help you feel confident about the service they’ll provide.
  • Community Involvement – Your insurance company likely supports the community. As a local business owner, your provider would probably have strong principals when it comes to giving back. They’re probably known for their donations to local charities, serving as a board member of a non-profit organization or sponsoring a fundraiser. There’s probably many other instances you’ll hear about your insurance company giving back to your community. Their community involvement could be the reason you decide to choose them.
  • Save Yourself Time & Money – Choosing a local insurance company can save you money in a few different ways. They know what you’ll need, due to being aware of the area and they’ll be able to bundle your coverage to reduce your rates. With non-local providers, you might score lower rates, in the beginning. Over time you’re likely to see a significant increase. Another benefit is they’ll save you time. You won’t have to spend extra time when filing a claim because they’ll know you personally, they’ll know your policy and get through the process faster.
  • Fully Understanding the Policy – When you purchase your policy locally, the employees have time to explain any part of the plan that is confusing or complicated. They’ll be more apt to work with you to ensure you’re adequately apprised to your coverage, deductibles or the limits you should carry. You’ll leave the office understanding what is and isn’t covered. And when it comes time to renew, they’ll be able to make new and improved recommendations.
  • One-Stop Shopping – Bundle, bundle, bundle. When working with a local provider bundling makes the most sense. You’ll have all your coverage under one roof. Benefit? Fewer companies you need to deal with and the better organized you’ll stay. If you require dental, health or life insurance, you’re almost guaranteed to bundle that too. Additionally, bundling can provide you up to a 20-25% discount.
  • Peace of Mind – The best benefit of all has to be peace of mind. Working with a local provider and likely someone you know provides you with the peace of mind all policy holders look for in a company. You’ll know you’re saving money and have all the protection you need. Rest easy every night knowing your home and family is protected.

Check with your local Farmers Insurance company and see what they can provide you. Whether you’re looking for home, boat, life or auto insurance, your local provider can offer you coverage.

Remember, home is where your family sleeps. You keep important valuables in your home. You want to make sure they’re protected and so does Farmers Insurance.

They’re there to make sure your possessions are covered in the event of damage. If someone gets hurt on your property – call your Farmers provider to help protect your assets.

Why trust your home to anyone else?

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