Home Inspections Tips

March 7, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ General,House,Residential

One of the most exciting days for a home buyer is likely Inspection day. Inspection day is the one last time for you to walk through the house before the final walkthrough. Inspection day is your time to walkthrough the home and make certain you understand what you’re getting into. Most importantly, it’s a time to re-check the homes condition.

A home inspection can be fun, exhausting and reassuring all at the same time.

The inspection provides you with a list of problems useful for negotiations. You can demand the seller fix the issues or find something so catastrophic you decide to back out. The inspection report is sometimes referred to as a new owner’s manual. It’ll also provide maintenance tips, which can be important.

Choose an Inspector

Be sure the inspector is clear to what will and won’t be included in the price. For example, will a lead test and asbestos test be performed? Are they included in the price or extra? While price is likely the least of your issues, you want to know what you’ll be paying out. The average cost of an inspector is $300-$500. You ought to do your research early in the process and keep a few names on hand. When the market is busy so are inspectors.

Have an inspection checklist

Prepare for a professional inspection during your first tour of the home and before making an offer. Inspecting on your own will provide you with areas you want the inspector to examine more thoroughly. An experienced inspector will address these issues in your paid report. Here are some items an inspector will report.

The roof, foundation, the exterior of the house, the attic and basement.

Other things include electrical, plumbing, appliances (if included), heating/cooling system, and odor. Always beware of musty odors.