71 Construction: Building, Paving and Inspiring

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There’s no place quite like a construction site. The pungent smells of raw materials, the roars of enormous machines and the sight of dirt being hoisted into the air can really stir the emotions. It’s fun to look at concrete pouring and envision how a property or road will look upon completion.

The people at 71 Construction still feel that thrill every time they begin working on a new assignment. And, thanks to their unwavering commitment to excellence, their clients also get excited when 71’s vehicles show up. Indeed, the company’s staff members often hear their customers say, “We’re so happy that 71 got this job!”

71 Construction is headquartered in Casper, Wyo., and operates offices in Riverton and Rawlins. Among other points of pride, it has more than 4,000 tons of asphalt oil in storage. As a result, 71 can guarantee its asphalt mix prices in quantities that exceed 72,000 tons. That way, clients aren’t affected by sudden hikes in asphalt oil prices. Given the volatility of this market, that stability can save people plenty of money, particularly when it comes to long-term projects.

71 Construction paves surfaces from driveways to highways with blacktop, asphalt, hot mix asphalt and concrete. It builds concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks and irrigation structures. The company provides services like excavation, grading and dirt work, and it installs water systems, sewer lines, utilities and pipelines.

In addition, it can supply crushed asphalt, road base, limestone base, assorted aggregates, weed barrier, a full line of landscape rock and other materials. And, to handle all of the complex tasks that it undertakes, 71 employs engineers with extensive experience, as well as other experts.

In the business world, companies frequently boast that they “go above and beyond,” even though, in many cases, that cliché doesn’t mean much. However, 71 Construction’s employees really do put forth exceptional efforts to please clients.

Consider the time they helped out one of their most loyal clients. This firm was building a running track with eight lanes along with a parking lot. Unfortunately, its dirt subcontractor was behind schedule in terms of preparing the subgrade. The 71 team sure didn’t sit idly by. Instead, its engineers swiftly entered the scene, bringing their GPS-guided equipment with them. In short order, the project was back on its original timeline, which prevented costly overruns and penalties.

71 Construction’s staff brings that spirit of camaraderie to the wider community. To give you some examples, its team members tackle such projects as running the Rendezvous Car Show in Fremont County, coaching youth baseball, running marathons and helping out the Reach Foundation, which services seniors with affordable housing programs. The business is proud to be a part of The Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, The Elk’s Lodge and The Wyoming Contractors Association, to name a few.

Between the three offices in Casper, Riverton and Rawlins, 71 supports such organizations as Help for Health Hospice, 4-H, St. Margaret’s School, Trinity Lutheran School, Paws for Life Animal League, CLIMB Wyoming, United Way, School After Hours and an array of fundraising events. In various ways, the company’s employees support regional businesses and community colleges as well.

71’s employees love to work throughout the year. Many people believe that construction stops entirely during the winter. To the contrary, 71 keeps busy with snow removal, booking, estimating, engineer planning and preparing for upcoming projects. In fact, wintertime is the best time to get ready for spring or summer construction. That way, the work can be completed within Wyoming’s short construction season. And as far as construction companies go, 71 Construction takes pride in their exceptionally low employee turnover – happy employees helps to make happy clients.
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